Quality policy

Ural Medical College "Maksat" is an educational organization with a desire for further development for consistent improvement of the quality of secondary vocational education and professional training of a medical profile.

The management considers the strengthening of the college's position in the educational services market, ensuring a high rating among medical educational institutions to be the strategic goal of the college's activities.

To achieve this goal , the college staff will have to solve the following tasks:

1. Ensuring comprehensive safety, preservation and strengthening of physical, mental and social health of all subjects of the educational process.

2. Maintaining the financial and economic stability of the college;

3. Ensuring optimal organizational, methodological and resource conditions for meeting the requirements of legislation, society, the labor market and consumers of medical services for the quality of training of specialists with secondary medical education;

4. Organization and maintenance of the content of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the SES and professional standards with mandatory consideration:

current trends in the development and requirements of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
satisfaction of all consumers and participants of the educational process with the conditions, organization, content and results of training of healthcare professionals;
5. Creating conditions for social and professional adaptation, the development of general and professional competencies and the realization of the creative potential of all subjects of the educational process.

Further development of social partnership with medical organizations in order to:

development of a unified clinical base for the implementation of educational programs of the type of medical profile;
to increase the interest and responsibility of medical organizations in joint training (including targeted training), constructive evaluation of the results of practical training of future specialists and employment of college graduates.
6. Further improvement of the effectiveness of the college's management system based on the principles of quality management and active involvement of all team members in the development of the organization, in a reflective assessment and improvement of their own professional activities.

7. Activation and development of new types of income-generating activities in accordance with the Charter of the College;

The management aims to meet the existing and potential requirements and expectations of consumers, staff and society as a whole and strives to continuously improve the work of the college, encouraging the creative initiative of teachers and providing them with the necessary support and resources.

The implementation of the priorities of the Quality Policy is carried out annually through the definition and implementation of quality goals in all areas, which are successively deployed in specific activities, Work Plans of the structural units of the college.